GAP Insurance


Making a claim on your car insurance can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether your insurer will pay out what you expect. This is where GAP Insurance comes in, and at Perry Marshall we can help by providing cover to suit.

One common problem motorists find is that following a claims incident, their insurer is only willing to pay out less than they originally paid for their vehicle. This is because insurance payouts are usually based on the current market value of a vehicle, not the original cost, and cars quickly depreciate in value. This might not be too much of a problem if your car is a few years old but if you have only just bought a brand new sports car and it’s already been damaged you could very quickly find yourself significantly out of pocket.

GAP insurance, or guaranteed asset protection, is designed to cover this shortfall, helping to make sure that you get back what you paid for your car if something does go wrong. At Perry Marshall, we have specialist access to a BIBA recognised guaranteed asset protection scheme so we’re in a perfect place to help.

To find out more about GAP Insurance and how it could help safeguard the financial value of your car, simply get in touch with Perry Marshall today.

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